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How We Work

The true value of a technology must be measured by its resulting business outcomes. We begin every engagement by ensuring that all parties agree on the operational results we’re trying to achieve, and how to best measure the effects we produce. Each stage of our engagement is bounded by our collective goal of achieving the defined outcomes.

Whether Security, Automated Software Testing, Robot Process Automation, ERP or CRM and business operations are in play. Any project is a business project. Yes, technology may be the tool being used, but it’s the underlying business processes that are being served. MCANTA delivers adoptable technology solutions, and eases their implementation and acceptance by the organization with proven change management techniques.

Define desired outcomes

You’ve heard the hundreds of takes on dozens of sayings. “They tried to eat the elephant in one sitting.” “That team tried to boil the ocean.” “The company went for a touchdown instead of a first down.” There are so many variations on the theme because over-scoping is human nature, and we’ve all seen it play out. We work with you to define a set of achievable, but substantive, expectations given the timeframe and budget.

Determine appropriate metrics

It’s important to quantify our challenges and measure our successes. Not only do insightful metrics help us talk to the business, but they also give us the visibility we need to minimize risk and keep unpleasant surprises at bay. We work with you to define the metrics that help us measure our effectiveness. For metrics our goal is few, but meaningful measures.

Plan to succeed

We help create a plan that acknowledges the competing pressures you face, sets achievable timelines, eases the impact of coming changes, and maximizes our likelihood of success.


With the hard work of planning behind us, this is the fun part! MCANTA works with your team to execute the plan we created on time and on budget. We discuss, document and implement installation/do once configuration tasks. We work side by side on long term tasks that are needed for on going system maintenance. This frees your team to learn what is needed to manage the system and have a background knowledge in its setup without having to do the worry about the details.


Once we’ve collectively achieved a measure of quantifiable success, let’s take a moment to appreciate what we’ve done, then dive back in to refine and optimize processes, to expand adoption rates, and to grow your ROI.

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