Making Simple Easy


What we offer


A plan to get to C... most organizations know where they want to go. They need a little help figuring out the steps to get there and where technology fits in. Fiduciary consulting is the guarantee that Mcanta consultants always act in your best interest.


Coming up with a plan is one thing - getting it implemented is another. We help with that too. Along the way we help teams think in terms of risk and rewards, culture, product and vendor selection. Finally we help move from project mode to ongoing operation mode.


Helping your internal IT teams grow and develop, through business litericy, risk analysis, plain language and team management.


Want a second option on a technology recomendation from a team that isn't tied to the deal.


Wondering how your overall security plan is looking. HIPPA, PCI, NIST, SANS top 20 - we can break it down into managable chunks that improve your security and your compliance.


Reach out and see what we are working on in on in our Labs. The world is changing constantly. MCANTA keeps on top of it so you don't have to. If you have a topic you would like researched feel free to contact us.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Madison, WI

+1 608-515-8682

Our Values:

To always act in our clients best interest. To be honest with our clients at all times. To use data whenever possible. To share our knowledge. To always keep things simple. To make our services dispensable over time because we have mentored and transitioned our knowledge.

Our Mission:

To support technology teams transform from techies to trusted business allys who also happen to be techies. To help organziations realize their desired potential by fostering a culture where technology, process and people work in harmony.

Our Vision

To be the best at making technology easy to use in a way that understood by all.

About Mcanta

In a world of virtual - Mcanta is centered around the person. We believe in face to face communication where possible. We help ideas scale by bringing people and processes together through technology. We believe that great teams are fostered by clear objectives and clear objectives are achieved by having open, accountable communication where decisions are driven by accurate information.

The formation of Mcanta is a result of years of formally and informally supporting organizations on business processes transformations and optimizations through the use of technology. Mcantas formation is influenced by many factors, but most notably a reoccurring observation that technology teams needed help in transforming how technology was talked about and viewed by their peers inside their organization. Organizational leaders knew they had a talented technology team, but didn't know how to transform them into business peers first who were their technology experts. Mcanta consultants have a track record in short term project execution and progress but over the long term provide mentorship for the existing teams.


We do pricing a little different. Learning about how you work and what makes you unique is an important part of the consultant-client relationship. At MCANTA we believe in a long term relationships and that our clients shouldn't be charged full price when we are learning about your organization. Beacause of this we have two pricing rates for all our services.

Doing Mode

This rate is used when Mcanta consultants are providing feedback either through information, plan/policy development, leading meetings/strategy/doing sessions.

Learning Mode

This rate is used when Mcanta Consultants are in information gathering mode.